About us

New Future Society

We are a secular organization dedicated to teaching methods and philosophies for well-being, introspection and Self-realization.

Our experience is the fruit of seven decades of investigation and immersion in and immersion in Eastern practices for transformation integrated with Western psychological resources.

We propose actions that encompass four principles: the cultivation of peace, the elevation of the consciousness, the expansion of love and the awakening of the creative act.

Lakshmi Devi

Director of the New Future Society (NFS)

Born in England, Speaker, writer and spiritual guide.
She studied with her master for fifteen years in India and the USA.

For more than twenty-five years she has investigated methods and philosophies
from the East and West for Self-discovery.
She has offered teachings in Asia, Europe, USA and Latin America.

In conferences, retreats and articles she shares her meditative systems
for transformation, Deep Delight.


Our agenda and Activities

Deep Delight is an interactive synthesis of methods and teachings shared by Lakshmi Devi for over twenty-five years in personal sessions, conferences and retreats around the world.

Deep Delight is an invitation, a voyage and an experience.

An invitation to liberate your potential for peace, consciousness, love and creation. A voyage to find your path to fulfillment. An experience to cultivate depth, elevation and opening.


Leaves of Inspiration is a news portal and a communication network that seeks to inspire and expand visions, through the voice of thinkers, social transformers, conscious entrepreneurs and artists. It was born to offer a place of deep reflection about the opportunities of the present day; to highlight the work of people committed to social change, and connect powerful actions that are positively influencing the development of the planet.

The marathon of Calm

The #MEME Marathon of Calm Movement is a non-profit initiative, that seeks to bring meditation practices closer to the public, through simple exercises suitable for all people. For seven days, meditators from different paths offer for free, techniques to alleviate stress and to increase well-being. Two Meme’s have been carried out and on the second edition fifteen countries participated.

Charlas TEDx

Tecnologías para crear tiempo

Lakshmi Devi

Una travesía a las fuentes de la creatividad


Blog Lights

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