New Future Society (NFS)
Mythopoetics for the Future

We are an organization devoted to Soulcentric contemplation, vision and action.
Our experiences are the fruit of six decades of exploration into the nature of the psyche and its creative and generative relationship with life.
We create initiatives that tend to the fires of human evolution and flow with the waters of cultural transformation.


To create experiences for the awakening and deepening of Spirit and Soul, within a mythopoetic framework of Eco Soulcentric awareness.
Our vision is to create fertile ground, to be able to listen to the dream of the Earth.
This being for the future generations, where meaning and belonging are the pillars for cultural evolution, not only for the human community, but for the more than human world.

Photo: Andy Chilton (Upsplash).



  • We accompany processes of self-inquiry, metamorphosis and regeneration.
  • We facilitate learning experiences for organizations.
  • We share articles, interviews, videos and online projects.
  • We establish networks with educational institutions and investigative organizations to offer training programs.
  • We design and promote networks of innovation for communities.
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Lakshmi Devi

Director of the New Future Society (NFS)

Born in England, Speaker, writer and spiritual guide.
She studied with her master for fifteen years in India and the USA.

For more than twenty-five years she has investigated methods and philosophies
from the East and West for Self-discovery.
She has offered teachings in Asia, Europe, USA and Latin America.

In conferences, retreats and articles she shares her meditative systems
for transformation, Deep Delight.


Our agenda and Activities

Our Projects


Women for the Future is an initiative for training, dialogue, co-creation and a celebration of the diversity of wisdom in women.
A journey towards the awakening of our potential and a collective weaving of different voices.
We share workshops with facilitators in the areas of emotional healing, self-transformation and empowerment.
We publish interviews with inspirational women and we collaborate with social actions.

A non-profit communication network, where voices converge that seek to make sense of a complex reality and explore emerging possibilities, aiming to broaden our vision. It is a ensemble of Voices and ideas that seek the opportunities of the present.

Deep Delight is an invitation to liberate our potential for peace, consciousness, love and creation.
An interactive voyage where it is possible to experience with videos, texts and meditations, a path of individual growth and awakening.
This system synthesizes the teachings that Lakshmi shares in her sessions, conferences and retreats.

Maratón Mejor Medida #meme Mendoza.

The marathon of Calm is an international non-profit movement, that seeks to share free meditations with the public.
Instructors from different schools and countries unite to share contemplative practices online and in person, in centers of well-being, public spaces and institutions.
Three editions of the Marathon have taken place and meetings are offered monthly through our social networks and allied centers.

La Formación Aurora es un programa integral de aprendizaje para Adultos, orientado al cultivo del bienestar, el neuroentrenamiento y el desarrollo del potencial. Integramos conocimientos de las neurociencias aplicadas, descubrimientos de las ciencias de la longevidad, estrategias para el mantenimiento de la salud y prácticas de crecimiento personal. Este programa es una cocreación con el Instituto Latinoamericano de Neurociencias Aplicadas (ILNA), dirigido por el neurocientífico Roberto Bataller PhD.

Charlas TEDx

Tecnologías para crear tiempo

Lakshmi Devi

Una travesía a las fuentes de la creatividad

Leaves of Inspiration (in Spanish)

Sandra Ortiz: Tejedora del liderazgo responsable

Es mujer, mexicana y migrante. También es la representante de la Fundación BMW para Latinoamérica. Desde Alemania, compartió su historia de coraje, talento y compromiso.


El descubrimiento de la Intimidad Sagrada

La maestra de meditación Lakshmi Devi nos invita a recobrar la cercanía con la existencia y encontrarnos con el deleite que habita en la profundidad de la vida.


Pedro Tarak: El mercado como parte de la solución

Hablamos con el cocreador de Sistema B y una de las voces destacadas del movimiento de regeneración.

Blog Lights

Deep Delight

Retreat: A time for a journey within

Know the benefits of a retreat and explore three moments to experience it.


Creation as an offering

Discover two secrets for the inner transformation and activate your power to create new realities.


Love and live the sacredness

Experience a luminous opening of the heart and discover two ways to connect with the sacred Delight.

Network of Allies

Instituto Latinoamericano de Neurociencias Aplicadas.