Welcome to Savias:
Women for the Future

What is Savias?

Savias is an initiative of research, dialogue and a celebration of the diversity and wisdom in the sacred feminine and in women.

It is a place for female bodied people and those who also identify as women. All are welcome here in Savias.

In its ideal, this dream, this initiative is a journey of listening, co-emerging and co creation. We long for Savias to be a place of awakening of our potential and an expression of the the collective fabric of our voices.

Originally the name and inspiration comes from the Spanish word that means the Sap in nature. This is a metaphor and a symbol of this creation where we look to honor the sacred feminine and the masculine together.

This Sap, this Savia is a liquid full of nutrients flows upward from the roots; this nectar nourishes the tree and the plant, and promotes the birth of branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. It is a movement from the Earth to the plant itself and then, there is second movement from the leaves back down

into the tree or plant, made from the processes of photosynthesis and brings a food, from the air, from the ingestion of our collective breath into the earth being itself.

Based on this metaphor, the idea of ​​a Sap Woman is born, she who from the depths of her roots, and from her relationship with the world and the others, connects with her inner wisdom.

This sap, this Savia, this place of a confluence of diverse wisdoms is a source of nourishment that circulates through our consciousness, our ideas and emotions; Ideally, it manifests itself in our actions and extends to its connections with the ecosystem, namely in our lives and in our societies.

The ultimate vision is for us to become cultural artisans for change in the world, for the Earth.

What do we do?

Here in Savias: Women for the Future in English we have created a space where we open dialogues to meet women who are living breathing visionaries. Here we speak to psychologists, philosophers, therapists, leaders and teachers. They are for us, voices of the Earth and voices of the collective field, guiding us, inspiring us towards new vision.

These voices will weave with us, accompany us and ultimately be a sacred song that we all can sing together in a circle.

In our Spanish speaking community of Savias that has existed for over five years, we have three channels of expression.


The three channels of Savias:

Events and retreats


Savias supports women who find themselves in vulnerable situations

Savias: Podcasts