Marca de Savias.

Welcome to Savias, (Wise Women) an initiative for research, dialogue, co-creation and a celebration of the diversity of wisdom in women. This will be a journey towards the awakening of our potential and a collective weaving together of different voices.

The word Sabia in Spanish means a wise woman, and although the word Savia sounds the same it actually means the sap found in plants. The name Savias therefore symbolizes a wise woman who is like the sap and in nature. The sap is the liquid that flows upward from the roots; nourishes them, and impulses the birth of branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. This is an inner reality of nature and an essential component for its creative processes. Based on this metaphor, the idea of ​​a Savia Woman is born, and it is she who from the depths of her roots, connects with her inner wisdom. This source of nourishment circulates through her with ideas and emotions; It manifests itself through her actions and relationships, and extends outwards into her connections with the ecosystem that surrounds her.

Collectively we are all Savias. For this reason, this proposal recognizes and resonates from the simplicity and the value of our daily lives. Likewise, investigate our innate wisdom and create spaces to cultivate our sisterhood, where we are ready and willing to think, dream and create together.

We will investigate and experience universal wisdom together with the vision to activate ourselves and use our resources to become innovators and agents for change. We will integrate different voices and paths, to be powers of reconciliation with the Other and Nature. We will create networks, with the goal of building new realities to nurture the society.

We will open dialogues to talk with everyday heroines and conscious women. We will seek out the ideas of psychologists, philosophers, therapists, leaders, businesswomen, teachers, etc. Savias will express herself in the form of online and face-to-face conversations, and interviews published on the New Future Society site We will also seek to facilitate processes of self-knowledge, deep conversation and social actions with women who find themselves in situations of vulnerability.

The three channels of Savias:
Vision, Inspiration y Action

Savias visión.


The investigation of our identity

We will explore together the multifaceted identity of the Savia Woman of today and for the future.

  • We will explore the psychological, philosophical and ancestral tools for women and their lives. We will recognize the Sacred Feminine and the history of women and also, we will be learning from the future and create a new vision of the Savia.
  • We welcome an integral feminism that connects strength, critical thinking, love and compassionate practices. We will meet new womankind and diverse kinds of relationships.
  • We will examine the paths of introspection and the activation of our potential as women.
Savias inspiración.


Women who nourish the world

In inspiring interviews we will listen to Savias that positively impact the world and are leading changes in society. This section will be an opportunity to learn, share and reflect together.

  • We will come to know their motivations and the significant moments in their lives.
  • We will learn about their processes of inner growth. We will inquire about the integration between their professional and personal lives.
  • We will look to travel to different cultures, countries, social sectors and disciplines, to highlight the diversity, value and courage of the Savias.
Savias Acción.


Facilitate processes of expansion

Our social action for Savias will involve the integration of efforts, dialogue and co-creation, to facilitate processes and projects with women in vulnerable conditions.

  • We will listen to the Savias that have inspired changes in their communities, to understand their reality and accompany them in the creation of their Future.
  • We will unite with existing programs that seek the growth and care of women.
  • We will seek to participate in the dialogue and creation of spaces for projects of co-creation spaces.

Leaves of Inspiration (in Spanish)


Beatriz Goyoaga: Abrir los brazos y combatir el miedo

Esta española es la Coordinadora de la Fundación El Arte de Vivir para Latinoamérica y España. Comparte su calma, lucidez y evolución espiritual.


Mi territorio es mi cuerpo: Mujeres indígenas con agenda propia

En Colombia, el proyecto periodístico “Mujer, palabra, resistencia” entreteje la voz de veinticuatro mujeres indígenas y sus territorios.


Ingrid Gómez: El encuentro de la mujer con sus fuerzas

La guía y sanadora afectiva Ingrid Gómez comparte su mirada sobre las relaciones y la mujer en tiempos de aislamiento.

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