Lines of action

Introspection and self-realization

Directed to individuals and centers for inner growth


  • We offer conferences, workshops and retreats where we share philosophies, techniques and meditations, based on seven decades of experience and the synthesis Deep Delight.
  • We create advanced training programs in the areas of meditative techniques, methods of self-knowledge, relationship harmonization and the search for deep motivations.

Wellbeing and Innovation

Directed to businesses, educational institutions and organizations


  • We design courses, programs and retreats intended to bring wellbeing:
    • To reveal and liberate stress
    • Mental training and meditation
    • Emotional management and the construction of bonds
    • Team consolidation and the integration of visions
  • We structure courses, programs and retreats for Innovation:
    • Happiness studies and practices for fulfillment
    • The creative awakening and its application in organizations
    • Communication y construction of new narratives
    • Conscious Leadership: self-care, innovation and altruism

Inspiration and communication


  • We offer conferences, videos and talks for free in our online networks.
  • We publish articles and interviews in our media online.

Altruism y networks


  • We investigate and support social initiatives with physical, strategic and human resources.
  • We establish alliances with centers for inner growth and businesses social organizations and governments to improve living conditions in different communities.

Deep Delight

Deep Delight is an interactive synthesis of methods and inspirations shared by Lakshmi Devi. It gathers twenty-five years of learning from the path of self-discovery and personal growth. It is divided into four worlds: Peace, Consciousness, Love and Creation. Visitors will find videos, poetry, keys, readings and meditations. The platform is accompanied by virtual conferences, conference tours, retreats and trainings.