Self-inquiry and personal transformation


  • We offer conferences, workshops, retreats and individual sessions where we explore practices for self-knowledge and individual growth.
  • We impart learning experiences based on ancient philosophies, contemporary strategies for change, integral theory, meditation and contemplative techniques.

Processes for organizations


  • We facilitate exploration processes for deep motivations, co-generation in systemic change, and the activation of creative ecosystems.
  • We promote the culture of self-care, expansive dialogues and the generation of networks for positive impact.

Wellbeing and Innovation

Directed to businesses, educational institutions and organizations


  • We design courses, programs and retreats intended to bring wellbeing:
    • To reveal and liberate stress
    • Mental training and meditation
    • Emotional management and the construction of bonds
    • Team consolidation and the integration of visions
  • We structure courses, programs and retreats for Innovation:
    • Happiness studies and practices for fulfillment
    • The creative awakening and its application in organizations
    • Communication y construction of new narratives
    • Conscious Leadership: self-care, innovation and altruism

Articles, interviews, videos and online projects


  • We collaborate with articles and interviews in Latin American media in the following areas: personal transformation, effective altruism, conscious business and environmental awareness.

Alliances with Institutions to offer training programs


  • We unite with professionals and Centers for personal transformation to offer experiences for inner growth, meditation, the sacred feminine and creativity and applied neuroscience.
  • We work with institutions to co-create conferences and academic programs for undergraduates and graduate studies.

Networks of innovation for communities


  • We accompany social movements and initiatives for the cultivation of peace, individual transformation and social innovation.
  • We support social projects centered in an integral development for woman, promoting ethical communication and wellbeing in communities in situations of vulnerability.

NFS Actions 2008-2021


Self-inquiry and personal transformation


2020 · Online events and workshops
2019 · Pilgrimage and formations. Japan
2018 · Pilgrimage and formations. India and the Great Britain
2017 · Workshops in Latin America. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico
2015 · USA and Colombia workshops and conferences “The Seasons of Awakening”
2008-2015 · Retreat Center Casa Ananda and Yoga Deva Center. Santa Marta, Colombia


Processes for organizations


2019 · B Corps Global Meeting. Design team and facilitation. Mendoza, Argentina
2019 · Communication Strategy and reception of the Professor Otto Scharmer (MIT) in Mendoza, Argentina
2018 · Tedx talks Paseo Alameda, Argentina
2018 · Participation in the International Congress for wellbeing in business, Mendoza, Argentina
2017-2019 · Workshops of Meditation, creativity and the science of Happiness in Universities: University of UNCuyo, University of Mendoza, University Aconcagua (Mendoza, Argentina). University Alberto Hurtado and INACAP (Santiago de Chile)


Articles, interviews, videos and online projects


2019-2020 · Interviews and articles in the online site Leaves of Inspiration (in Spanish)
2017-2018 · Direction for Estar Mejor for the online newsletter MDZ, Argentina
2010-2020 · Opinion articles for Revista Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia
2012-2020 · Colaboration in media: Pathways (EE.UU.); El Telar de Maya (France); Diario de Diana, Revista Diners, Explora (Colombia); Consciencia Planetaria (Mexico), and MDZ, Acequia y Diario Uno (Argentina)


Alliances with Institutions to offer training programs


2019-2021 · Co Direction and teaching in the Applied Neuroscience Diploma in the
University of UNCuyo and the Latin American Institute for Applied Neuroscience. (INLA)
2021 · Teaching in the Well-Being Experience. University of Champagnat, Argentina
2015-2021 · Workshops and events in Wellbeing Centers: Prosperlove and Saicuru (Bogotá); Ser Consciente and CasaTemplo (Buenos Aires); Índigo, Atman and Kundala (Mendoza); Yoga Company (México)


Networks of innovation for communities


2018-2021 · Foundation of the international movement #MEME Mejor Medita in alliance with the World Peace Initiative of Thailand
2018-2019 · Workshops in penitentiaries: San Felipe, El Borbollon y DINAF (Mendoza)
2018-2019 · Meditations and teachings for women: Mujer Rural (Ugarteche)

Deep Delight is an interactive synthesis of methods and inspirations shared by Lakshmi Devi. It gathers twenty-five years of learning from the path of self-discovery and personal growth. It is divided into four worlds: Peace, Consciousness, Love and Creation. Visitors will find videos, poetry, keys, readings and meditations. The platform is accompanied by virtual conferences, conference tours, retreats and trainings.

Network of Allies

Instituto Latinoamericano de Neurociencias Aplicadas.