Next Marathon

Monday 18 to Sunday 24 of March

Opening date for applications for cities, centers and meditators:
Tuesday 26th of February until Friday, 8th March

What is #MEME?


The #MEME Marathon of Calm Movement is a non-profit initiative that originates from two international organizations: the New Future Society (USA) and the World Peace Initiative (Thailand), with its project Peace Revolution.

This initiative seeks to bring meditation practices closer to the public, through simple exercises suitable for all people. For seven days, meditators from different paths unite to offer for free, techniques to alleviate stress and to increase well-being.

The meditations are offered in centers for personal growth, public spaces, universities, schools, companies, governmental agencies and correctional facilities. Additionally, virtual sessions were transmitted live on Facebook Live.

We have offered two editions of The Marathon of Calm. The first edition was held in Mendoza, (Argentina) in September 2018. 45 meditations were offered, 41 centers of the city participated and more than 800 people attended the week long activities. The second edition took place in March 2019 and this edition expanded to 15 countries where more than 2000 people participated.

Deep Motivations

We dream with an initiative that is capable of creating a diverse and extensive network, and at the same time is coherent and has clarity about its purpose. For this reason we are dedicated and we promote the following deep motivations.

  • We are convinced that meditation can be an ally for health, to improve emotional responses to challenges, to contribute to more harmonious relationships and increase satisfaction in life.
  • We believe that the cultivation of meetings in silencetrust and the creation of sincere bonds, contribute to the social fabric.
  • We are aware of the myths surrounding meditation, for this reason we would like to demystify the practice, show its depth, and promote experiences of well-being.


If you would like #MEME The Marathon of Calm to take place in your city, if you have a center for personal growth or if you are a meditation instructor, please write to us at, to send you the instructions of how to join the movement and our guidance to start the network in your city.



If you have a center for psychological therapies where meditative techniques are incorporated, a yoga-meditation space, a martial arts school or a place for complementary therapies, with a capacity for more than ten people, you can register your center as an Ally. Please write to us at, indicate a date and time of the meditation, who will direct the meditation (if you do not have a meditator, we have a team of meditators), your address and social networks.



If you have experience as a meditation instructor or as a yoga teacher, you can participate by guiding a meditation in a place where you offer classes, in a public space (square or park) or in an institution (school, company or organization). Please write to us at Please share with us your experience, the time and place of your meditation and your social networks (optional).



If you want #MEME to come to your neighborhood, school, university or place of work, write to, telling us why you want to participate and the most convenient place and time for the activity.


Marathon participant

Be part of this movement by attending free meditations and sharing programming in your social networks. We are a community and our goal is to grow, to bring more calm and wellbeing around the world.

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